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We are passionate about providing care for children and teenagers.

Psychology Support For Children, Adolescents and Teenagers

At Brisbane Mind+Body Clinic we offer professional support to assist your family.
Our team, your experienced psychologists with over two decades of expertise, are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all clients, parents and children.

Our therapists employ a diverse set of therapeutic approaches and provide compassionate care to address the specific needs and concerns of your family. Our the goal is to promote harmony and well-being.

Our Process

Step 1

Begin with a complementary discovery call. During this call, we'll talk about your health worries, aspirations, and arrange your appointment.

Step 2

During that initial appointment, we will discuss your concerns, as well as how your child is feeling.
Together, we will work out a plan moving forward to support everyone.

Step 3

We'll be there for your child your every step of the way, adapting our plan to fit your families naturally evolving needs, as we work to improve their overall mental health.

Need help for your family?

At a time when your child or teenager needs support, we’re here to help. Our compassionate team of professionals recognise the challenges and struggles that come with navigating mental health concerns in children and young individuals.

From anxiety and mood disorders to trauma and PTSD, we understand the impact these issues can have not only on your child or teenager, but on your entire family. That’s why we believe it’s important to intervene with personalised care and support as soon as possible.

We believe in treating everyone as a unique individual, with unique needs and challenges. Our approach is centered around building a strong, trusting relationship with your child or teenager and with you, their parents.

With empathy and understanding, we’ll work together to find the right path forward, and start the healing process for your family.

Childhood Trauma Psychologist Brisbane

We have helped many others throughout their journey.

Denis Paice
Denis Paice
I have been talking to Chris Cosson for the last 2 and half years, he has helped me immensely through his guidance and advice helping me cope and move forward, guiding me and helping me to adopt practices that I will continue for the rest of my life.
Jing Wen Yong
Jing Wen Yong
Came here for EMDR treatment and Chris is awesome!
Chris reached out and recommended Victoria Martinez. After reading her profile I was intrigued by her therapeutic approaches, specifically art therapy and trauma informed. Each session I attend with no agenda in mind, and Victoria has assisted with immense personal and professional growth and changes I am still working through. I feel immensely supported by Victoria’s professionalism and client-centric approaches. This is the first psychologist I have continued to see and the benefits of this I continue to experience. All the staff I have interacted with have been supportive and kind, and I cannot recommend this clinic enough.
J Cs
J Cs
The clinician I saw was great. Parking is not good but it is close to Bowen Hills train station and you can also do Skype appointments
Sara Cowan
Sara Cowan
A lot of time, patience and care was given by Chris. When I needed a deeper understanding of what was going on in my brain and why I was responding in certain ways, Chris was always happy to discuss this as well as supply me with resources.
Rachael Lord-Gavin
Rachael Lord-Gavin
Dr Chris Cosson is a wonderful person to speak to. He has a way of taking what’s jumbled in my mind and making it make sense.
Chris is an amazing psychologist. His advice has help me a lot over the years and I would highly recommend!

Who We Are

Our qualified psychologists have over 20 years experience helping your young ones. We work with you and your family to provide a warm and calming space where we can explore the issues of concern. 

Our psychologists use a range of therapies coupled with kindness and compassion in order to help your family get to a better place.

Chris Profile

Christophe Cosson

Registered Psychologist

Jeffery Wong

Registered Psychologist

Veronica Profile Picture

Victoria Martinez

Registered Psychologist​

Dianne Profile

Dianne Wheare

Registered Psychologist​

Shaista Profile

Shaista Saheed

Registered Psychologist​

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals looking to receive psychological support may seek a referral from their GP.

If you have a referral from your GP or Mental Health Care Plan, you will receive a Medicare rebate of $92.90.

It depends on your specific private health plan. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to inquire about coverage for mental health services. If you have a referral from your GP or Mental Health Care Plan, you will receive a Medicare rebate of $92.90.

The length of therapy depends on individual needs and goals. Some clients choose to continue therapy for their children indefinitely for ongoing support, while others may only need a few sessions to address a specific issue.

During the first appointment, we will discuss your concerns, goals, and child's medical history with your psychologist. They will also ask questions to gain a better understanding of your situation and determine the best course of treatment. This appointment is an also opportunity for your child and your psychologist to get to know each other and determine if working together is a good fit.

We have a long history of providing psychological services for children and teenagers. We are best placed to help you and your family.

Get in touch

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To learn more about how we can assist you, or if you have any questions regarding our services, please complete our contact form. Our dedicated team will promptly respond. 

We offer a complimentary discovery call to further discuss your requirements and explore the best solution for your individual needs.

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